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  • Almased - Aktionspreis im Juli & August

    almased dose Almased Vitalkost


    Aktionspreis: Euro 21,90 im Juli & August

    Almased besteht aus wertvollen Rohstoffen. Das aufwendige Herstellungsverfahren schont die empfindlichen Wirkstoffe, so dass sie später ihre Kraft voll entfalten können. Almased aktiviert die Fettverbrennnung, optimiert jede Diät und steigert Fitness und Wohlbefinden.

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  • Hay fever



    Under the main topic of allergic rhinitis the following are summurized : seasonal allergic rhinitis that occur only during the months of spring, summer or fall perennial allergic rhinitis, and the allergic rhinitis due to professional conditions.


    Allergic rhinitis starts with a sensitivity to an allergen, but there are no symptoms yet. On the second contact with the allergen there is an antigen - antibody reaction and the mast cells release their substances.

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  • "Purging and detoxification" with spagyric essences

    detoxTo a large extent, health and illness depend on a well functioning metabolism. An important basic function of our metabolism is the detoxification from harmful substances that are formed in the body itself or have entered it from outside. For their part, the activities in the metabolic processes regulate other body functions, even up to the immune defenses, which explains why the metabolic weakness can trigger an illness.

    Methods of complementary medicine can be a valuable support for an increase of the metabolism, which in addition stimulate the physical purification processes and boost the function of the corresponding organs. The spagyric technique is such a procedure.

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